Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duck Finale - Spring Rolls

We made spring rolls using the last of the duck meat. We also made a peanut sauce to accompany it. Delicious...and healthy if you don't have too much of the sauce.

The rolls were made with shredded lettuce, thinly sliced carrots, red cabbage, minced dried apricots and cranberries, mint leaves, fresh coriander, orange zest and duck meat. They are lighter than other spring rolls because we did not use any vermicelli. When making the rolls, you have to assemble them in a way that will display the prettier ingredients on the outside of the roll, just underneath the paper. The ingredients in the centre will not show. The rice paper is very thin and fragile, especially if you use the small ones so you have to be delicate when putting them together.

The peanut sauce was improvised with the help of 3 different cook books. I like to Google recipes when I am not sure but our internet connection was down so I looked through some of my books and came up with a lighter recipe using natural peanut butter, fish sauce, light soya sauce, pepper flakes, sesame oil, canola oil and milk. I used a very small quantity of the oils and used 2 % milk instead of coconut milk to reduce the number of calories and fat.

This was the finale for the duck we made on Sunday. We were able to make so many different meals with it. This is something we will surely make again.

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