Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinese Hot Pot

This is a different version of the "fondue" we usually have. It is actually the true way to make "Chinese fondue". Instead of the long metal forks and cooking various vegetables and meats in a pot heated by a flame, we put in all the ingredients in the broth in the hot pot. The electric pot is made of Teflon and can also be used as a grill (separate attachment). Once the ingredients were cooked enough, we removed them from the pot using either chop sticks or small metal baskets.

The broth can be made with any ingredients you wish. We made this one with a Teriyaki flavoured broth. The ingredients we cooked in the broth were: scallops, chicken (prepared like traditional fondue meat), tofu, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and zucchini.

The pot was a gift from a family member who had it delivered to us from Vancouver. The selection of Asian products is much wider there than here in Montreal.

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