Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fish Taco

Instead of using ground beef or tofu, we used fish to make our tacos. Tilapia, sole and haddock are great types of fish to use for this recipe. They are thick white fish that flake off in big enough pieces when cooked for a long time in a sauce. It is best to dry the pieces of fish before using a paper towel.

We never buy taco seasoning, we always make our own. We mix about a teaspoon of the following spices: cumin, chilli powder, paprika, onion salt, salt, garlic powder and cornstarch.

As for the toppings, we added cottage cheese and a mango, pepper and cilantro salsa that we made just before serving.

It's a nice alternative to ground beef or chicken and it is a great way for people who don't like the taste of fish to be able to enjoy it. Personally we love fish but we know not everyone does.

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